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“TechINK” is a compound term created from the words “technology” and “ink”. “Technology” is the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means for practical purposes, while “ink” is a pigmented fluid used for writing and printing ideas on paper or other medium. The combination of these two words signifies the nature of Industrial Design, where both technological knowledge and artistic creativity are required. TechINK Award is inline with the end goal of Industrial Design, which is to create products that are functionally useful and aesthetically pleasing. This award carries the vision to encourage the birth of more excellent ideas that are futuristic, fashionable yet practical.


We believe that beautiful things are the combination of rationality and sensibility, inspiration and calculation. We aspire to create a platform that incubates the birth of these wonderful ideas. We hope to encourage the young minds to join us in this exciting journey, where we witness the collision of ideas and the sparks of creativity together. With technology as the foundation and art as the source of originality, the combination of the two elements gives us the window to explore the future. TechINK Award calls for outstanding ideas that will refresh our definition of “smart home”. We look forward to hear from every participant.

The names listed are not arranged in any particular order. The list will be constantly updated.



Professor and PhD mentor of the Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University

Director and honorary president of the Expert Committee of China Industrial Design

Honorary professor of Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Established China’s first “Industrial Design” major in 1984

Winner of the 3rd Tertiary Institution Teaching Award

Charles A. Ingrey-Senn
Charles A.

United Kingdom

Founder of Caisdesign Studio in Hangzhou, which works toward cultivating China’s creative scene

Winner of two Red Dot Awards

Invited to participate in Britain’s Daily Mail“Ideal Home Show” Design Competition

Damjan Stankovic

United States

Senior user interaction and interface designer

Experienced Android and iOS mobile APP designer

Winner of five Red Dot Awards

Worked on Google Glass APP for de Young Museum, San Francisco

Kun-Pyo Lee

South Korea

Professor and Head of the Department of Industrial Design at KAIST, South Korea

Director of Human Centered Interaction Design Lab

President for IASDR (International Association of Societies of Design Research)

Head of Corporate Design Center, executive VP., LG Electronics

Sebastian Bergne

United Kingdom

Globally renowned Industrial Designer

Graduated from the Royal College of Art in London

Founder of Sebastian Bergne’s studio

Artwork exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art of New York and the Design Museum of London

Winner of Red Dot, Design Plus and IF Product Design Award

Jury member, lecturer of The Royal College of Art, ECAL, Central School of Art and Design, and the University of Venice

Song Kee Hong
Kee Hong


Associate Professor & Deputy Head, Industrial Design Division, NUS

Over two decades of professional design experience at Ziba Design (Global Innovation Consultancy), Hewlett-Packard’s R&D Center & Design Exchange (Design Consultancy)

Recipient of 20 international design awards – including IF, G-Mark, 50 most influential in Singapore Design in 2015 and the prestigious Red Dot: Luminary

Numerous international design awards judge – Red Dot Award 2015, China Good Design 2015, Furniture Design 2014, G-Mark Good Design Award 2014 & SG Mark 2014



Professor of the Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University, Director of Design Management Institution of Art & Design Research Center at Tsinghua University

Former Director of Department of Industrial Design, International Judge of Institute of Design at Illinois Institute of Technology

Editorial Board Member of Design Issue, Judge of World Design Capital in Seoul, Invited expert of Aalto University for international academic assessment, Judge for the School of Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University

One of Ten Educators in Chinese Industrial Design, Judge of G-Mark, Red Dot Awards, China Good Design, Golden Pin Design Award



Associate professor Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University

Vice dean and party branch secretary of in information and art design department

Artwork exhibited in National Fine Arts Exhibition, International Triennial of New Media Art



Professor and vice dean of school of art and design at Inner Mongolia University of Science&Technology

Member of China Industrial Design Association

Judge of China Universities Industrial Design Competition

Author textbooks including ‘General introduction of Industrial Design’, ‘Visual Communication Design’



Design Director of Industrial Design Center, TCL Corporation

Top 10 of Dragon Design Foundation in 2016

More than 10 years experiences of product design, outstanding achievements on innovation and mature product

Judge of UXPA China

Have more than 20 international awards and some of them are embodied in IF Design Awards or Red Dot Design Yearbook



Vice professor and dean of Colleage of Art & Design at Beijing University of Technology

Gold Award of China Excellent Industrial Design

Winner of several international awards including Red Star Design Award, Golden Pin Design Award

Top 10 of Chinese Talented Industrial Designer in 2015

Top 10 of Ten Outstanding Young Persons

Winner of China National Arts Fund in 2015



Vice Professor and Master mentor of School of Art & Design at Yanshan University

Executive director of Haier Maker Labs

Member of Industrial Design Innovation and Development Research Center in Hebei Province

Member of the 3rd International Conference on Interaction Design

Jury of Industrial Design Award of Hebei Province in 2015


United States

Top industrial designer around the world

Member of Industrial Designers Society of America(IDSA)

Startup mentor of Tsinghua X-lab

Winner of Red Dot Award, iF, IDEA and G-Mark best 100

The global sales of products led by him is more than 100 million



Professor and PhD mentor of School of Design and Arts at Beijing Institute of Technology

Translated ‘EMPATHIC DESIGN – User Experience in Product Design’

Wrote ‘Basis and Design of human factors engineering’

Have involved in many projects including “ Major Construction of Industrial Design”, “Developing of Office seating for Chinese Adults”



Professor, Doctoral supervisor of University of Science & Technology Beijing, Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts

visiting scholar of University of Cambridge, member of CRUCIBLE

Top 10 of Dragon Design Foundation in 2014

Winner of Red Star Design Award and various automobile design competition

Artwork exhibited in National Fine Arts Exhibition, CES



Design Director of Mideo Group, Guangdong Branch

Graduated from School of Design, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

15 years experience of designing consumer electronics and household electrical appliances

Winner of Red Dot Awards, iF and IDEA

Deep technical background and experienced in transnational project



Academy of Industrial Design of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Former Dean, supervisor of postgraduate

Members of art committee of China Artists Association

Vice president of Industrial Design Association of Guangdong

Chairman of judge committee of the Guangdong Governor Cup Industrial Design Competition

Deputy director of China National Instructive Committee of Industrial Design Education



Vice professor of School of Art & Design at Wuhan University of Science and Technology

Award of Excellence of CARSTYLING Car Design Competition

Publish more than 20 articles in core periodical and have 10 national patents

Excellent advisor of several domestic and overseas projects

Advisor of transdisciplinary student team



Ph.D. of Carnegie Mellon University,Professor responsibility, School of Design, Jiangnan University,doctoral supervisor

2013 China Top 10 Industrial Design Educators by CIDA, Sliver Metal, Contribution to Chinese Design by DDF, 2014 Dragon Design Foundation

Established China’s first “Interactive Design” major in Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Judge of G-Mark, IXDA, Red Star Design Award

The Only Asia award owner of “Future Voice of Interaction Design 2015” by IDXA



R&D Director of JD. Finance and mobile products

Have worked on designing user experience in ebay, Alibaba Group

More than 10 years of designing top internet product experience and management

Have led to plan, design and implement several products and won billions of users

Specialize in experience design and planning of user products, have lots of experiences on e-commerce and financial technology

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