TechINK Award 2017 is an International Industrial Design Student Competition that is proudly co-organized by Beijing Intelligent Steward Ltd., Co. (ROOBO) and Tsinghua Art and Science Research Center Media Laboratory.

“Home Smart Home” is the theme of this year’s competition. It revolves around the concept "Smart Technology creates better Home”. We welcome all kind of creativity and innovation from participants, such as smart home devices, robots, audio-visual equipments, wearables and any other intelligent hardwares that is relevant to the theme.

Started in 2016, TechINK Award is a competition established with the aim to discover talents around the world. Technology has improved our lives through the convenience and intriguing purposes it has brought about. Products that have been created under the usage of artificial intelligence technology combined with mankind's creativity have always been around us in the form of smart home appliances. As such, we feel compelled to promote the progress of science and technology, which is the purpose of the establishment of this competition.

Through this award, we hope to provide a platform that encourages more creativity and innovation that will spur society to combine the idea of modern technologies with traditional values. We would like to encourage more individuals to be active creators who can contribute to the improvement of lifestyle all around the world.

Participation Criteria

Students who are existing undergraduates, graduates or post-graduates in a tertiary institution, as well as those who graduated from university not more than one year when register for participation (graduated between 2016.3.15 and 2017.3.15), not limited to any major and nationality.

No registration fee is needed.


Home Smart Home

Smart technology creates better home. We welcome all kinds of creativity and innovation from the participants, such as smart home devices, robot, audio-visual equipment, wearables, interactive devices for voice control or image recognition,industrial design,information system design, and other intelligent hardware. Through this competition, we hope to provide a platform for the participants to communicate and unleash their potential, so that they can advance with the technology and create refreshing concept of smart home.

Participation Guideline


Interested students are required to register for an account on the official website ( and submit the application form by 2017.3.15.

Students can join the competition as individuals or in teams of maximum 3 students.


Participants are required to submit their design concept online by 2017.4.7 through the official website.

Participants are required to submit the following materials according to the requirements as stated below: Images/drawings of design idea – JPG format, landscape layout, size 900px height * 1280px width, resolution 72dpi, 3 images/drawings maximum, file size not more than 800KB per image/drawing; Text description – Chinese participants are required to submit Chinese and English text description online, while non-Chinese participants are required to submit only English text description online, PDF format, 300 words maximum.

No personal information should appear on the submitted materials in any form.

Any submission that does not fulfill the requirements will be disqualified automatically.


Participants shortlisted for the Final will be notified by 2017.5.1.

Finalists are required to build the prototype for the design idea that they have submitted and mail to the given address between 2017.5.1 and 2017.6.23 Any late submission will be disqualified automatically.

Finalists are required to be physically present in Beijing, China on 2017.7.19 for the Final and prize presentation ceremony as well as 2017.7.20 for the workshop. We will sponsor fully your transportation to and fro Beijing, as well as your accommodation during your time here.

The submission for the Final should include the following: (details will be sent to the finalists separately): Mockup – To better demonstrate the design idea, participants can provide additional supporting materials, including but not limited to: working prototype, product demonstration video, etc.; Presentation PPT.

The organizer will provide subsidy for the making of prototype on a reimbursement basis. The organizer will evaluate the received prototype and decide on the amount of subsidy. The subsidy will only be given to the participants after the prototype is received at the given address.


1.Participants are to ensure that the personal information provided is accurate. Any inaccuracy in the details of the participants will result in immediate disqualification.

2.Every participant is only allowed to register for the competition once, either as individual or in teams of maximum 3 people. Any participant found registering multiple times will have his/her participation annulled by the organizer.

3.Participants who fail to fulfill the requirement as stated under “Participation Criteria” will be automatically disqualified from the competition.

4.All submissions are required to meet the requirements stated under “Participation Guideline” to be qualified for the competition. Submissions that do not fulfill the criteria will be disqualified automatically.

5.There is no restriction in terms of the topic for the competition, however the participants have to ensure that the submitted works are original and designed according to the theme of “Home Smart Home – Smart technology creates better home”. Submissions that fail to represent the theme will be automatically disqualified.

6.For awarded design works, you should indicate related information of the competition and the award.

7.Each submission can consist of more than one product, as long as all the products are relevant and contribute to the same design idea and purpose (e.g. a system or network of related objects). Each submission will be regarded as one entry for the competition.

8.All submissions should not include the name and any other information about the participant, institution, professor, instructor or tutor of the participants. If any information is disclosed through the submitted works, the participants will be disqualified immediately from the competition.

9.Participants are to ensure that their design idea is clearly illustrated and explained through images/drawings and text description (requirements as stated under “Participation Guideline”) for the competition.

10.The organizer will provide two-way transportation (to and fro Beijing) and accommodation for all finalists (except for those who are based in Beijing) to attend the prize presentation ceremony and workshop in Beijing, China.

11.Participants must ensure the originality of their submission and be able to claim full responsibility of the intellectual property rights of their submission.

12.Participants must ensure that their submission does not to infringe any copyright, patent, trademark and other intellectual property rights.

13.Participants are strictly prohibited from obtaining design work from a third party and submit it as their own for the competition. If participants are found to have plagiarized their submission, they will be liable for immediate disqualification and the consequences as described in Rules (15).

14.If found involved in cheating, copying or breaching of rights, the participant will be disqualified from the competition immediately. Any award title and reward will be retrenched and confiscated immediately from the participant, with an official declarative announcement on the website. The participant’s university will be informed about his/her behavior and the university will be prohibited from sending any participants for the competition for the following 2 to 5 years on a case-by-case basis.

15.The organizer holds the right to publish or utilize the entries for publicity purposes around the world without having to provide additional compensation for the participants.

16.All registered participants are deemed to be agreeable and will abide by all the rules set by the organizer.

17.All decisions made by the panel judges and organizer should be respected.

Judging Criteria


Semifinal: The panel judges will judge and shortlist the finalists from the online submissions for the Final. Shortlisted participants will be notified within one week after the Semifinal.

Final: The panel of judges will review the design ideas based on the prototype and face-to-face presentation by the finalists. The best designs will then be selected for awards.


1.Degree of Innovation
Able to showcase the integration of science and art. Effective use of new structure, technology, material, technique into the fresh idea. Able to provide design concept that is creative and innovative as a solution. Become a part of the leading trend in product development. Unique comprehensive performance.

2.Aesthetic Quality
Appear aesthetically and provide pleasant user experiences. The presence and usability display the integration of science and art and are suitable for the environment.

3.Functionality and Practicability
Be capable of functioning in relevant situations at high practicability and safety.

4.Realization Possibility
Possibility of realizable. Potential for mass production. Market prospect. The technology, cost and launch time for developing it as a finished product within the next 3 years.

Further exploration and discovery in emotional interaction instead of functional experience.

Clear and concise expression about functions and design concept.


Prize Number Reward
Most Potential Award 1 Trendy smart hardware
Most Popular Award 1 Trendy smart hardware
Excellence Award Trendy smart hardware