We have updated judging criteria as follows:


1. Degree of InnovationAble to showcase the integration of science and art. Effective use of new structure, technology, material, technique into the fresh idea. Able to provide design concept that is creative and innovative as a solution. Become a part of the leading trend in product development. Unique comprehensive performance.

2. Aesthetic QualityAppear aesthetically and provide pleasant user experiences. The presence and usability display the integration of science and art and are suitable for the environment.

3. Functionality and PracticabilityBe capable of functioning in relevant situations at high practicability and safety.

4. Realization PossibilityPossibility of realizable. Potential for mass production. Market prospect. The technology, cost and launch time for developing it as a finished product within the next 3 years.

5.InteractionFurther exploration and discovery in emotional interaction instead of functional experience.

6. ExpressionClear and concise expression about functions and design concept.

If you have any questions, please kindly let us know.

TechINK Award Committee
January 24th, 2017