TechINK Award 2017 – We are launched!

On 21st November 2016, we celebrated the launch of our very first TechINK Award 2017 International Industrial Design Student Competition at the Academy of Arts in Tsinghua University.

Guests invited for the opening ceremony include: Su Dan the Vice Dean of the Academy of Arts at Tsinghua University, Xu Jian the Director of Zhongguancun Property Management Committee, Sumilah Mohammad Jamil the Deputy Secretary and Director of Student Affairs for Malaysian Chamber of Commerce in China, Zhao Chao the Dean of the Department of Industrial Design at Tsinghua University, Xu Yingqing the Dean of the Department of Information Arts and Design System at Tsinghua University, as well as officials from European embassies. We hope that by providing attractive grand prizes and precious learning opportunity through TechINK Award 2017, we will be able to ensure that there is active participation by students around the world. In the next two months, we will be visiting more local and overseas universities to share about TechINK Award 2017.

TechINK Award 2017 International Industrial Design Student Competition Launching Ceremony

TechINK Award 2017 was established with the objective to explore and encourage cross-disciplinary innovation and creativity, so as to create a global platform for the growth of technology and the birth of new talents.

“TechINK” is a compound term created from the words “Technology” and “Ink”. The combination of these two words signifies the integration of technological knowledge and artistic creativity. We want to witness the birth of excellent ideas that are futuristic, fashionable yet practical.

With the theme of “Home Smart Home – Smart Technology Creates Better Home”, we will bring TechINK Award 2017 across the world to students who are passionate about technology, art and our future home. Interested students can register for participation through our website. To qualify for the Semifinal, participants are required to submit their design idea in the form of drawings and text description. If shortlisted for the Final, participants are to build the mockups accordingly as part of the evaluation.

Professor Su Dan, Vice Dean of the Academy of Arts at Tsinghua University

Professor Su Dan shared about the importance of smart technology and how it is the fastest growing trend in the current society. He also emphasized on the need to groom and cultivate talents among the university students, so that they can better contribute to the growth of the consumer product industry.

Mr Bruce Lau, ROOBO Founder and CEO

Quoted from Mr Lau, “Innovation is a spirit, and at the same time, a motivation. It is an indispensible element for enterprises and modern society.” Together with other co-founders, he established ROOBO with the goal to shape it into a global technology platform for intelligent hardware. Only by standing in front of the whole world, ROOBO will be able to stay ahead with the latest technological trends in the world and be connected to the users from different parts of the world. With the strong advocacy on Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation by the China government, ROOBO and Tsinghua University co-organized TechINK Award 2017 as part of the effort to promote the development of the society in the direction.

Mr Chen Yi, ROOBO Vice President of Product Management

As part of the organizing committee for TechINK Award 2017, Mr Chen introduced briefly about the competition and gave his view on the motivation behind this initiative. Quoted from Mr Chen, “We have moved from the PC era to the mobile internet era. We are inching closer and closer towards a world where artificial intelligence empowers and everything is interconnected. Through this competition, we hope to provide an open and creative platform for the younger talents to showcase their wild imagination. We look forward to be surprised by them, in a good way.”

Mr Martin Hudynek, International Relations Officer of TechINK Award 2017 Organizing Committee

Many world-renowned industrial designers have been invited to be the judges for TechINK Award 2017. Thus far, we have Mr. Kazushige Miyake from Japan, Mr. Damjan Stankovic from the United States, Mr. Sebastian Bergne and Mr. Charles Ingrey-Sann from the United Kingdom.

Media Interview

We await the collision of ideas through TechINK Award 2017. See you!