Campus Talk in Yanshan University

TechINK Award 2017, co-organized by Tsinghua Arts and Science Research Center Media Laboratory and Beijing Intelligent Steward Co., Ltd. (ROOBO), has attracted broad attention.

TechINK Award 2017 was established with the objective to explore and encourage cross-disciplinary innovation and creativity, so as to create a global platform for the growth of technology and the birth of new talents.

With technology as the foundation and art as the source of originality, the combination of the two elements gives us the window to explore the future. TechINK Award calls for outstanding ideas that will refresh our definition of “smart home”. We look forward to hear from every participant.

We’re having our 4th Campus Talk at Yanshan University on 27th Dec.

Wang Xudong, the Office Director of the Art & Science Research Center, is introducing the competition.

Students are asking questions actively.

Wang Xudong, the Office Director of the Art & Science Research Center, is answering the question.

Home Smart Home
  • Participation
    Students who are existing undergraduates, graduates or post-graduates in a tertiary institution, as well as those who graduated from university not more than one year when register for participation (graduated between 2016.2.15 and 2017.2.15), not limited to any major and nationality.No registration fee is needed.
  • production
    We welcome all kinds of creativity and innovation from the participants, such as smart home devices, robot, audio-visual equipment, wearables and other intelligent hardware.
  • Registration
    Interested students are required to register for an account on the official website ( and submit the application form by 2017.2.15.
    Students can join the competition as individuals or in teams of maximum 3 students.
  • Judging
    Semifinal: The panel judges will judge and shortlist the finalists from the online submissions for the Final. Shortlisted participants will be notified within one week after the Semifinal.
    Final: The panel of judges will review the design ideas based on the prototype and face-to-face presentation by the finalists. The best designs will then be selected for awards.
  • Liu
  • China

Professor and PhD mentor of the Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University Director and honorary president of the Expert Committee of China Industrial Design Honorary professor of Hong Kong Polytechnic University Established China’s first “Industrial Design” major in 1984 Winner of the 3rd Tertiary Institution Teaching Award

  • Tong
  • China

Academy of Industrial Design of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Former Dean, supervisor of postgraduate Members of art committee of China Artists Association Vice president of Industrial Design Association of Guangdong Chairman of judge committee of the Guangdong Governor Cup Industrial Design Competition Deputy director of China National Instructive Committee of Industrial Design Education

  • Kun-Pyo
  • South Korea

Director of Human Centered Interaction Design Lab President for IASDR (International Association of Societies of Design Research) Head of Corporate Design Center, executive VP., LG Electronics

  • Song
    Kee Hong
  • Singapore

Over two decades of professional design experience at Ziba Design (Global Innovation Consultancy), Hewlett-Packard’s R&D Center & Design Exchange (Design Consultancy) Recipient of 20 international design awards – including IF, G-Mark, 50 most influential in Singapore Design in 2015 and the prestigious Red Dot: Luminary Numerous international design awards judge – Red Dot Award 2015, China Good Design 2015, Furniture Design 2014, G-Mark Good Design Award 2014 & SG Mark 2014

  • Charles A.
  • United Kingdom

Founder of Caisdesign Studio in Hangzhou, which works toward cultivating China’s creative scene Winner of two Red Dot Awards Invited to participate in Britain’s Daily Mail“Ideal Home Show” Design Competition

  • Damjan
  • United States

Senior user interaction and interface designer Experienced Android and iOS mobile APP designer Winner of five Red Dot Awards Worked on Google Glass APP for de Young Museum, San Francisco

  • Sebastian
  • United Kingdom

Globally renowned Industrial Designer Graduated from the Royal College of Art in London Founder of Sebastian Bergne’s studio Artwork exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art of New York and the Design Museum of London Winner of Red Dot, Design Plus and IF Product Design Award Jury member, lecturer of The Royal College of Art, ECAL, Central School of Art and Design, and the University of Venice

Prize Number Reward
 Reward Most Potential Award 1 Trendy smart hardware
Most Popular Award 1 Trendy smart hardware
Excellence Award some Trendy smart hardware
If you have any questions
please contact Ms. Xue: